Five Willow Tai Chi Association Seattle


All are welcome to join our Saturday practice, from brand new to highly experienced. If you are new, just join in the center of the group so you can follow the form no matter which way we are facing. The locations and times are noted below. Very rarely there are exceptions to location/time which can be found in the blogs above so check them if you have a doubt.

The FWTCA is a loose knit group of friends who like to meet in order to practice the art of Tai Chi Chuan. Our central meeting place for over 30 years has been our Saturday 9 AM practice in Seattle's Volunteer Park. When the sun moves low in the sky we too move to a warm indoor location and our practice continues.
We practice the Yang Style as modified be Cheng, Man-Ching and his student Tao, Ping -Siang. The Tai Chi forms taught to us by Mr. Tao are the main stay of our practice, but not the limit of our practice. Over the years we have been happy to meet practitioners of many different styles, including Water Style and Chen Style, and have benefited from meeting them. The art of Tai Chi Chuan is vast and varied and we seek to experience it in its fullness (or is it emptiness?).

We invite you to visit our blogs to learn more about our history, current practice locations and to follow links to other sites.

This website was set up in November of 2012. The FWTCA is a non-profit (501 C-3). We are a non-membership association. You can't join and you can't quit. We are comprised of the people who show up.

Our Winter practice (October 15 to April 15) is held on Saturday mornings from 9 AM to 11AM at North Seattle College. We are either outside in the courtyard directly to the east of the Library, or inside at "The GROVE" which is the NSC cafeteria and directly SE of the courtyard.  When NSC is closed, we move to the Greenwood Senior Center, 525-N. 85 St., Seattle, 98103.

Our Summer practice (April 15 to October 15) is held on Saturday mornings from 9 AM to 11 AM in Volunteer Park, we meet in the field just north of the Art Museum and south of the Conservatory in Seattle.